Society Activities

Amateur Astronomy - Telescopes Introduction Talk 

Date : Sat 17 Dec 2016
Venue : Planetarium Negara, Orion Room

This is a talk to introduce to the public the types of telescopes used in Amateur Astronomy in Malaysia. We brought and showed to the audience 3 types of telescopes - refractor, reflector & SCT on different mounts - Goto & non Goto. We covered what are the main differences between these different designs and advise them of what they should look out for if they are interested in this field. Also set the expectation of they can see thru the scopes visually vs what is possible via Astrophotography. At the end of the talk, the audience had a chance to see these scope upclose and converse with the scope owners.


Date : Moni 14 Mov 2016
Vanue: Kepong.

This is the comparison between Super Moon and Mini Moon this year. We would like to thank Cress KayEdge for taking these pictures to produce this comparison.
这是今年的超级月亮和迷你月亮之间的比较。我们要感谢我们的会员Cress KayEdge拍摄这些照片,并做这个比较。

World Space Week @ Planetarium Negara.

This is an intro with beautiful background video and image on the left side.